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Green innovation for your skin: Meet our Green Tech technology in cosmetics

At Rofersam, our R&D department is constantly developing technologies that combine science and nature to create products that not only care for your skin, but also for the environment. We strive to provide you with innovative and sustainable solutions. Some of our latest innovations include:

Antiox Sunscreen

A water-resistant SPF 50+ sunscreen with an advanced formula enriched with antioxidant pomegranate extract to protect, neutralise and repair skin from sun damage. The unique combination of pomegranate and Sphingomonas ferment reduces oxidative stress and increases skin’s resistance to sun exposure. 

Yuka score 100/100

Waterless cosmetics

Choosing sustainable products is easier with our range of water-free cosmetics. Bamboo charcoal and volcanic ash cleansing powders are ideal for combination and oily skins, providing deep cleansing. This minimalist technology detoxifies the skin while reducing water consumption by adding the necessary amount of water with each use, caring for your skin and the environment.

Natural Vegan Retinal

Our Smart Repair 8 cream contains a rejuvenating complex that combines natural vegan retinal with encapsulated vitamin C. This innovative combination stimulates cell regeneration and improves the appearance of skin, leaving it looking younger and more radiant. It is the first time these ingredients have been fused together, marking a significant breakthrough in skincare. It provides 100% wrinkle reduction.

Adaptogen Complex

An adaptogenic complex designed to soothe stressed and reddened skin, these botanical treasures help the body rebalance and adapt to stress. There are over 100 adaptogenic plants found in nature. Our R&D team has selected: chia, olive, rosemary and avocado and transported them thanks to the squalane of the upcycled olive tree, which helps them to penetrate the skin.

Our commitment to Green Tech technology allows us to offer you high quality products that respect the environment and improve the health of your skin. Discover how advanced science and nature can work together to give you beautiful, well-cared for skin in a sustainable way.

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